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C Personality Type - Understand what drives them

C Style Individuals

People with the C Personality Style have the following characteristics: Private, Cautious, Detailed Oriented, and Systematic. DISC can quickly identify these personality characteristics, but what’s going on emotionally and cognitively …

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Emotional Agility

DISC + EIQ-2 = Emotional Agility

Increase Emotional Agility with EIQ-2 & DISC Emotional Agility is the ability to recognize and navigate our current emotional state. Since the 1990s, Emotional Intelligence assessments and training programs have …

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Why DISC Certification?

DISC Certification: Why it Matters DISC Certification offers trainers and coaches an opportunity to take a step back from what they know about DISC and really tune into learning more …

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Should you use DISC for Hiring?

DISC is an incredibly simple, yet powerful tool. Because it is cost effective and easy to use, we understand why teams and organizations decide to use it as a selection …

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