Motivators Assessment

What motivates you?

The Motivators assessment is the result of Dr. Eduard Spranger’s and Gordon Allport’s combined research into what drives and motivates a person. Their research found that motivation influences behavior and action.

The Motivators is based on Spranger’s and Allport’s research and the assessment measures 7 unique dimensions of motivation:

  1. Aesthetic – A drive for balance, harmony, and form.
  2. Economic – A drive for a return on investment.
  3. Individualistic – A drive to stand out as independent and unique
  4. Power – A drive to be in control or have influence.
  5. Altruistic – A drive to help others at the expense of self.
  6. Regulatory – A drive to establish order, routine, and structure
  7. Theoretical – A drive for knowledge, learning, and understanding.

These dimensions create the Motivation Index.  The motivation index remains true to the original research in this field. The completed assessment and corresponding profile will help anyone understand their own unique drivers of their behavior.

Motivators Assessment Cost

The Motivators Assessment is sold based on the quantity. You can purchase the individual assessments directly through our website.

Once you complete your order, you will receive an email with your unique access code and a link to complete the assessment. Access codes can only be used once. Please ensure your learners don’t share their access code with anyone else.

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Using the Motivators Assessment

Reviewing & Understanding the assessment results

The motivators assessment is another tool to help an individual become more self-aware. When an individual understands their internal motivations, they can seek out jobs, positions, and opportunities that match their internal drivers.

The more we are aligned with what drives us, the happier and more fulfilling our lives will be.

The motivators assessment measures a person on 7 universal drivers. Once a person completes their assessment, they will receive their motivational index graph as shown below:

motivators assessment bar graph report

The graph shows a few different data points all in one place:

  1. The lightly colored area shows the majority of the population’s score. If you took a sample of all the motivator scores and rank the scores from 0 to 100, you would find the majority of the scores would fall inside the shaded area.
  2. The grey, shaded box represents the average scoring range. This box is considered the normative data. Scores inside this box represent the scores of people who are more like everyone else.
  3. The line in the center represents the median score.
  4. The colored bar graph is the learner’s score. The longer the bar graph, the more important the driver is to the learner. The shorter the bar, the less important that motivator is to the learner. The bar graph is also represented as a number under “score”. The higher the number, the more aligned you are with that driver and vice versa.
  5. The ranking reveals how influential the motivators are to your behavior and decisions in order from 1-7. Certain motivators have relationships with each other. However, this is a true 1 through 7 rankings based on which drivers are most impactful.

The Motivators Assessment then provides a learner personalized insights about the scores for each driver. 

Motivators assessment individual driver results

The information provided for each driver will help a person become more self-aware. A learner will discover the universal assets of the motivator (why it matters), the advantages of the motivator, growth opportunities, and the learning path to become more adept at using the motivator.

Developing new skills and improving our self-awareness

While learning about your unique motivators is an important starting point, real learning will take place through reflection and exercises.

The Motivators report offers worksheets that learners will use to start the real work of becoming more self-aware and trying to adapt their motivational styles to accomplish more at work and in their life.

The worksheets are designed so they can be done as a self-paced individual activity or they can be done within professional settings at the workplace. Coaches, facilitators, and consultants will all appreciate the value of these worksheets.

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Motivators Assessments FAQ

The Motivators assessment measures 7 drivers of our motivations. These drivers are responsible for our behavior and goals at work and in life. The 7 drivers are:

  1. Aesthetic - a drive for balance, harmony and form
  2. Economic - A drive for return on investment
  3. Individualistic - a drive to stand out as independent and unique
  4. Power - a drive to be in control and to have influence
  5. Altruistic - a drive to help others at the expense of self
  6. Regulatory - A drive to establish order, routine, and structure
  7. Theoretical - a drive for knowledge, learning, and understanding

The motivators assessment is based on the work of Gordon Allport and Eduard Spranger.

Both men did not create this assessment, but the assessment is based on their research on human motivation. The assessment is published by Assessments 24x7 and validated by the Assessment Standards Institute (ASI).

The Motivators Assessment costs $59.00 per assessment. There is volume pricing available for anyone who purchases 16 or more assessments within a single purchase.