Online Personality Assessments

Administration Account

DISC Admin Account

Take control with an admin account

The Online Personality Assessment administration account is your one-stop site to purchase, issue, review, and manage all of your assessments and completed profiles. This admin portal is perfect for coaches, trainers, learning & development professionals, and HR Managers who want to use the following:

The assessment site is simple to use and allows an administrator the ability to customize their account with their logo and contact information. For a one-time, $95 fee, you will have access to 10 assessment products and a support team who will help you use your account.

The account allows for individual or bulk upload of assessment names and email addresses. Additionally, administrators have the ability to create assessment access codes for learners who don’t want to provide their email address.

The Online Personality Assessment admin site is easy to navigate and use. Take a tour of the site by watching our video on how to issue an assessment using the site.