DISC Basic

The DISC Basic profile is the full DISC Basic report that can be used with anyone in an organization regardless of title or position. Use this report outside of work with friends and family.

The DISC Basic Summary report is designed to provide a person with their DISC style and introductory information about their DISC Style. This report is perfect if you are using DISC in combination with other training tools or programming.

The DISC Basic Leadership report is designed specifically for managers, supervisors, team leaders, or executives who want to become better communicators. The report is designed to bring the insights from DISC into a leadership context.

The DISC + Motivators report combines the insights of DISC with the Motivators Profile. Combining these two different profiles helps learners gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their behavioral style. Not only will they receive their DISC style, but they will also learn what fuels their behavioral motivations.

DISC 360 is designed to help learners identify blindspots in how they see themselves. A learner will take a DISC Basic Profile for themself, and then they will invite co-workers, friends or family to rate them. This profile provides them a full picture of who they are through the lens of DISC.

The DISC + EIQ report combines the insights of DISC with the Emotional Intelligence assessment. Combining these two different profiles helps learners better understand and appreciate their behavioral and emotional intelligence.

This tool can be used on it’s own or with the help of a facilitator or a coach.