DISC Basic + Motivators


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The DISC assessment measures our observable behaviors and emotions. The Motivators assessment measures the values that drive our behaviors and emotions.

The combined insights from these two assessments show a clearer picture of who we are. This report is broken out into 3 sections:

  1. Part 1 focuses on our understanding of each of the DISC styles by identifying the characteristics and tendencies of each DISC behavioral style. The 7 Motivators are also identified in this section.
  2. Part 2 reveals what makes you unique. You will learn your own behavioral tendencies and your blend of Motivators.
  3. Part 3 explores the subject of adaptability. This section offers actional recommendations that you can use in your own interactions. They are designed so you can start to see immediate and effective results.

The DISC + Motivators Assessment is validated by the Assessment Standards Institute and published by Assessments 24×7. We pride ourselves on offering assessments that are validated for reliability and validity by a third-party organization to ensure accuracy in the tools that we provide.