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The DISC self-assessment tool is designed to help you learn more about yourself and those around you.

When you learn your DISC style, you will gain insights into the way that you naturally communicate. This can help explain why you might connect with certain people more easily over others. As you learn more about your DISC style, it will improve your self-awareness. With this improvement, you can adapt how you communicate to meet the behavioral needs of those around you.

The DISC Personality Type model is most effective when teams, individuals, and organizations use the language of DISC to help explain their needs and motivations. It allows organizations to become more open and inclusive and helps individuals feel more connected.

Comparing DISC assessments

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Is it really free?

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What's included in the Free DISC Profile?

When you complete this free DISC assessment, you will have a chance to learn:

  1. Your DISC Style
  2. The DISC Model and How to work with the other DISC Styles

This free DISC profile won’t provide you with everything you would receive when you purchase the complete DISC Basic profile. However, it’s a great way to sample how the tool works or to start the journey of learning more about yourself.

Once you complete the assessment, you will have the opportunity to purchase the full report or to purchase a coaching session with a certified DISC professional.

Learn your DISC Style with the free assessment

DISC uses a self-assessment process to determine a person’s personality style.

Our free profile is designed to help introduce DISC to a person, team, or organization. This tool is not designed to be used within a complete training, hiring/selection, or as a replacement for the full DISC Basic profile.  When you complete the assessment, you will receive introductory information about what it means to have your particular style. For anyone that wants to learn more, you will have the option to purchase the full profile after you complete the assessment.

The free assessment will provide the following insights about your DISC Style:

  • Your DISC Style story
  • Your values.
  • Your motivations.
  • Your fears.

Learn about the DISC Model and how to work with the other styles

The free DISC report introduces a learner to the other DISC styles and provides tips on working with each style. The report is meant to help a person start the path toward learning more about why there might be issues or connections with any person based on their DISC Style.

This section reviews:

  • Goals and fears of each style
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • How to work with each style

This free tool won’t provide any information on the research or science behind DISC, but you can rest assured that the tool is validated with the same scrutiny as all of the assessments we offer.