DISC Basic (Full Report)


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DISC Basic Profile uses the DISC model to help anyone learn their natural behavioral style. The model was theorized by William Moulton Marston. However, Marston never created an assessment to match his theory. Today, DISC Basic is published by Assessments 24×7 and is researched by third-party research, Assessment Standards Institute. DISC Basic is designed for personal development, team development, and leadership development and will help any become more self-aware about their own behavioral preferences. This tool is researched by an independent, third-party researcher for both validity and reliability.

The DISC Basic Profile uses the classic DISC Model. Users will answer 28 forced-choice questions and receive their primary style and combination pattern. This 41-page report is designed to help anyone learn more about themselves. Additionally, it will help them learn how to use DISC to:

  • Improve communication
  • Understand motivations at work
  • Learn how to navigate tensions between different DISC styles

This report is designed for anyone regardless of position or title.