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A Leader in DISC since 1986; we take pride in helping organizations build culture, develop leaders, and create workplaces that are motivating for everyone.

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A leader in DISC for over 30+ years

DISC Basic is an affiliate of Center for Internal Change and the TEAM Approach. John C. Goodman, MSOD, MSW founded DISC Basic. We provide over 100,000 assessments for training, leadership development, and hiring each year. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and religious organizations.

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DISC Basic is fortunate to have the continued help and support of John C. Goodman, MSOD, MSW. He brings his decades of diversified experience in the corporate and private sectors, with a heavy emphasis on organizational and individual systems, behavior, and development; life, career, change, and business coaching; performance improvement, psychology, and group/system dynamics. 

DISC Basic is supported by his history of designing, facilitating, and conducting customized programs in all facets of personal/work development and interaction. John has worked in both the investment world and the field of human behavior and development. 

He is the creator of CALM Coaching™, a “systemic, stress sensitive” approach to Career and Life Management, which respectfully empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to discover, clarify, and meet their goals, increase their performance and thrive on the learning’s found in change and transformation.

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There are many DISC vendors that you can choose. We hope you choose to work with our organization.

Competitive Pricing

We want you to get the most from your training budget. We have built our business by providing the most value with the best pricing.

A Leader in DISC

We have 30+ years of using this model. We provide our clients decades of experience when they purchase DISC-based tools from us.

DISC Certification

We strive to help our clients provide successful and engaging programs. We are a proud provider of DISC Certification

What Makes Us Different? We strive to provide our clients with the most up-to-date DISC materials and product knowledge. 

  • We provide you free consultations and customer support. Once you purchase a product from our organization, we will continue to offer you support on using it.
  • We offer you the ability to administer, brand, and customize our online assessments and reports through your own personal online administration account and will take you through the set-up by video, or phone or we can even set it up for you.
  • We offer a comprehensive toolkit that builds on the foundation of DISC. We provide training tools and a curriculum for Motivators and Emotional Intelligence.

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