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Emotional Intelligenence Assessments

EQ Assessments

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessments measure our current ability to manage our emotional responses. Improving your EQ isn’t finished after a single assessment. Rather, it offers a snapshot of where a person is at that specific moment in time.

Improving emotional intelligence is likely responsible for 80% of anyone’s professional success. It is cited for helping reduce stress, improved performance and productivity.

Fortunately, Emotional Intelligence is fluid. Your EQ can be developed and improved.

Using Emotional Intelligence assessments provides a person with a map toward becoming free from emotional states that might hold us hostage.

The Emotional Intelligence assessment, EIQ, measures a person in four areas:

  1. Self-Recognition – how self-aware, conscious or realistic you are with your ability to recognize how your emotions affect your behavior.
  2. Self-Management – How much control you have over your emotional responses
  3. Social Recognition – How much you understand what someone else is feeling and how much you recognize someone else’s emotions affect your own mood and emotional state.
  4. Social Management – Your ability to work with others, and how you coach, lead, and champion change.

The assessment offers a person their quotient score (shown as a percentage) for each section and corresponding worksheets for how you can improve in each section.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment graph

This score isn’t meant to serve as a foundation for someone’s EQ. It’s designed to showcase someone’s current score. The next section will detail how Emotional Intelligence assessments will work to help someone increase their EQ.

Using Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Emotional Intelligence is a way of recognizing, understanding, and choosing how we think and act.  

The EQ assessment is designed to act as an internal loop. The first part is Awareness of emotions and temperament. It continues through understanding and moves towards discipline and management

Within each part of the loop, there are different sub-categories. These sub-categories are what the emotional intelligence assessment will ask each learner to consider. Here is a list of each Emotional Intelligence Quotient with their corresponding sub-categories for the EIQ Assessment:

  • Quotient 1 – Self-Recognition: Self-awareness/understanding, Connections of cause and affection, self-appreciation, consciousness, emotional identification
  • Quotient 2 – Social Recognition: Empathy, Service, Holistic Communication
  • Situational Perceptual Awareness, Interpersonal Development
  • Quotient 3 – Self-Management:  Self-Control, Goal-Directed Performance, Integrity, Motivation, Creativity
  • Quotient 4 – Social Management: Developing relationships, leadership, change catalyst, negotiation, teamwork & collaboration

Other emotional intelligence assessments might cover other areas or fewer areas than what is used with EIQ. However, this assessment has found success and is researched to ensure it accurately measures emotional intelligence and is a reliable instrument.

After a person has identified their score for each Quotient and sub-category, they are provided a worksheet that they will use to start working on improving their emotional intelligence.

We encourage that these worksheets are done with a EIQ certified coach or with someone who will hold the learner accountable for taking the necessary steps to try and improve their EQ.

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EQ Assessments FAQ

Emotional Intelligence assessments measure specific areas called quotients. The EIQ assessment measures Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, and Social Management. Within each of these quotients are different sub-categories.


The EIQ assessment was researched for validity and reliability. You can read the report here.

There are many EQ assessments that are available for purchase today. The EIQ assessment costs $59 and there are quantity discounts available.