12 DISC Personality Types

Adam Stamm

A Guide to the 12 DISC Personality Types

DISC is a tool for learning about yourself and how to communicate better with people. The 12 DISC personality types provide a nuanced approach that helps you understand your personality, communication preferences, goals, and motivations. 

The 4 main DISC types are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientious. The reason there are 12 DISC personality types is that in addition to the four main types, the primary personality type can be influenced by the two personality types adjacent to it, creating 8 more personality types. For example, DI (Dominance Influence) means that a person’s personality is primarily Dominance, with Influence as a strong secondary type. 

the 12-DISC-Personality-Types

The 12 DISC personality types give an important perspective of how people differ in their motivations, fears, stressors, and communication. People are more complicated than and exist beyond their personality assessment. The 12 DISC personality types weren’t developed to build walls around people or stereotype people according to their personality type. DISC is simply a tool to understand better why we are the way that we are. 

Now that you know how DISC is used, read on to learn more about each of the 12 DISC personality types!

The 12 DISC Personality Types

12 DISC Personality Types - D-Personality Type

D - Dominance

The Dominance personality type is defined by decisiveness and competitiveness. People with this personality type tend to be direct and daring, and demand innovation. They are natural problem solvers. While Dominance personalities appreciate results, they tend not to be detail-oriented and prefer that others take care of the details. People with this personality type can often become impatient or be poor listeners. 

DI - Dominance Influence

The DI personality type is assertive and persuasive. DI people tend to be results driven. They have a great idea, and are likely to persuade everyone around them to take action. The DI personality type has a tendency of impatience and to look at situations through a “win-lose” lens.

12 DISC Personality types - Dominance - Influence
12 Personality Types - DISC - Domininance Conscientious

DC — Dominance Conscientious

The blend of Dominance and Conscientious produces a strong-willed personality. They are determined and excel at critical thinking. People with a DC personality type want to feel like the experts in their field and fear the inability to reach their own high standards.

I — Influence

The I personality type is defined by magnetism and collaboration. People who rate high in Influence seek social recognition. They are quick to trust others and come across as upbeat and energetic. This style is motivated by enthusiasm by both internal and external sources.

DISC Personality Types - Influence
ID - DISC Personality Type

ID — Influence Dominance

The ID personality type is similar to DI, but instead of Dominance being the primary personality, Influence is. ID people tend to be highly influential, upbeat, and enthusiastic. Their biggest fear is being trapped in a fixed environment or losing the approval of others. 

IS — Influence Steadiness

The IS personality type is defined by high levels of empathy and a need to connect with others. IS people tend to be welcoming, easygoing, and trusting. On the other hand, they tend to take criticism personally and try to avoid conflict.

IS - Influence-Steadiness - 12 DISC Personality Types
12 DISC Personality Types - Steadiness - S Personality Type

S — Steadiness

People with a primary S personality type value consistency and harmony. They are likely to give others the benefit of the doubt, and like to play a supportive role. If not careful, strong S personalities might have difficulty advocating for their own needs, or retreat to more passive roles.

SI — Steadiness Influence

People with the SI personality type are cheerleaders that want everyone to feel welcome. With a dominant S type, SI people are conflict-averse and seek to serve others. They look for ways to bring people together and will seek to prioritize the group above themselves.

Steadiness-Influence Type - 12 DISC Personality Types
Steadiness-Conscientiousness - 12 DISC Personality Types

SC — Steadiness Conscientious

The SC personality type is characterized by risk-aversion and modesty. SC people value stability, and tend to be soft spoken. That’s because they are highly reflective and cautious and prefer to work behind the scenes to make things happen.

C — Conscientious

People who rate primarily as Conscientious are methodical and precise. They tend to be great critical thinkers, and highly value objectivity. They are the kind of people who are determined to stick with a problem until it’s solved, and excel at paying attention to the small details. C people have a fear of being wrong, and always default to looking at a situation in a logical manner.  

C-Personality Type - 12 DISC Personality Types

CD — Conscientious Dominance

The CD personality type is all about using logic to control situations. People who rate as CD tend to overcome obstacles thanks to the high standards they hold for themselves — and others. They usually seek a strong resolution, and efficient results.  

CS — Conscientious Steadiness

The last of the 12 DISC personality types is Conscientious Steadiness. CS people see two sides to every problem and value reliable outcomes. They have a high level of attention to detail that can sometimes err on the side of perfectionism. They are careful and prepared for every situation.

Learn your DISC Style

Whether you’re more like a DI or a CS, learning about your DISC personality type can help you better navigate situations in your day-to-day life. There is no “good” or “bad” type — all 12 DISC personality types have their strengths and weaknesses, and understanding your personality type can be a significant first step toward growth and self-awareness.

As you’ve read through the 12 DISC personality types, you likely thought of people in your life — a boss, a friend, a family member — that fit one of these personality types. It may be that you even see yourself in one or more of these types. 

Do you want to know more about your DISC personality type? Complete a free DISC test for a basic report. You’ll not only find out which of the 12 DISC personality types you are but how that personality type informs your motivations and how you can better communicate with contrasting personality types.