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The Motivators Assessment is designed to help an individual learn the influences behind their behaviors and actions. The assessment will measure a person based on 7 dimensions of motivation. It was designed to remain true to the work of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport’s research into what drives and motivates an individual.

In the Motivators Assessment, learners will rate themselves on the following motivational dimensions:

  1. Aesthetic – A drive for balance, harmony, and form.
  2. Economic – A drive for a return on investment
  3. Individualistic – A drive to stand out as independent and unique.
  4. Power – A drive to be in control or have influence
  5. Altruistic – A drive to help others at the expense of self.
  6. Regulatory – A drive to establish order, routine, and structure.
  7. Theoretical – A drive for knowledge, learning, and understanding.

These seven dimensions form an index of our motivation. Once you purchase and complete this assessment, you will receive a report that will help you understand where you fall on each dimension and which dimension energizes you to act. This assessment is validated by Assessment Standards Institute (ASI).


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