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Purchase Assessment 24x7 DISC and other assessment products!

Assessments 24×7 is a leading publisher of DISC, EIQ, and Motivators assessments.

Online DISC Profile is an authorized distributor of Assessments 24×7 assessment products. For anyone that is seeking to purchase these assessments, you can do so directly through our website:

How much do DISC and other 24x7 assessments cost?

All 24×7 assessments are sold based on volume purchased. The DISC Profile has a starting retail of $59.00. The DISC + Motivators and the DISC Leadership report have a starting retail price of $69.50 per report.

Why Assessments 24x7?

There are many assessment providers that sell similar DISC, EQ, and professional development products today. Assessments 24×7 is the only publisher that is researched and validated by a third-party agency.

Furthermore, the assessment products are designed to be easy to use while still comprehensive. You can trust your results without being overwhelmed by options.

What is the best 24x7 assessment product?

Assessments 24×7 produces many different types of assessments that help individuals grow professionally, build self-awareness, and develop leadership skills. DISC is by far the most popular product that is offered with over 20 million assessments completed in the past 10 years!.

When should you use assessments?

Assessment-based learning provides a judgment-free way to understand yourself. All 24×7 products aim to help learners develop self-awareness in specific areas.

We strongly recommend using assessment products when you have the time to engage properly with the results.

For teams or organizations that are going through a major transition (hiring, merger or acquisition, event execution, etc.) we suggest waiting until the transition concludes or starting before it begins.

The most important item to consider is finding ways to use what you have learned after you finish a workshop or training event. Learning takes time, and new material will only be remembered if it is recalled after it was learned.

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