Learn the DISC Birds

Adam Stamm

DISC Birds: A Fun and Memorable DISC Training

The DISC Birds assessment takes the insights of DISC and offers them in a memorable format: Bird Types.

While it might initially seem unusual, it’s a clever way to lower the barrier to discussing personality differences.

The assessment uses the standard 28-question DISC questionnaire, where learners will self-identify answers about their behaviors and preferences. Don’t worry; this profile has been validated and researched for accuracy by the ASI. You can learn more about the research on our website.

After completing the self-assessment, a learner will learn their DISC Style, err DISC Bird:

Eagles are time-sensitive and move at a quick pace. They prefer to spend their time getting things done and being efficient.

People with the Parrot style seek social interactions. They are a strong presence, stimulating, and entertaining. Enjoy their liveliness and socialability.

The Dove Style is relationship-oriented. Due to their relationship-focused style, they will seek to solicit opinions from the larger group to build stability and cohesion. 

People with the Owl Style seek to be accurate and precise in their work and lives. They are often organized and systematic. They need time to make decisions and prefer to work independently.

What does the DISC Birds cost?

Interested in bringing the DISC Birds to your organization or team? This fun and memorable training tool will increase self-awareness and improve communication.

The assessment is sold based on volume pricing and has a starting price of $59.

DISC Birds for Leadership Training?

Like other DISC Assessments, you can use the DISC Birds profile for leadership development.

The DISC Birds assessment won’t tell you if someone is a leader. Rather, it will help your leaders understand the style that they will most likely use in a leadership position. Each DISC Birds style is important and adds value to any organization.

The DISC Birds profile showcases how leaders both need to learn their behavioral strengths and when leaning on those strengths might become a weakness.

DISC Birds

Can a Dove Personality be a leader?

We are often asked if individuals with the S-Personality Style / Dove personality are able to be leaders. The answer is yes, Dove’s can lead. Their leadership style will be different from the other DISC Styles, but their style doesn’t prevent them from leading a team or an organization.

DISC Birds and Communication

The DISC Birds profile and training program teaches learners their communication preferences. The tool uses insights from the DISC Personality model and uses birds to represent the four primary communication styles.

disc birds - eagle communication style

Eagle: Communication

Be prepared, to the point, and suggest solutions with clearly defined and agreed upon consequences. Allow them time to speak and make sure they know you don't want to waste their time.

disc birds - parrot communication style

Parrot: Communication

Communicate with this style by being friendly, and allowing enthusiasm to emerge. Focusing on being positive, upbeat and warm.

disc birds - owl communication

Owl: Communication

Give this style time to think. They have a high need for accuracy so if they are quiet, they are just formulating how they want to respond to your communication.

disc birds - dove communication style

Dove: Communication

It's important to develop trust with this style. Use phrases and language that is sensitive towards them and others. This style seeks stability, ensure that you respect their behavioral need!

How to start using DISC Birds

For anyone interested in using this profile, we offer a virtual DISC introductory training session for $995. Our DISC Training introduces the common concepts of DISC and provides learners with strategies for using the insights to communicate and work more effectively.