DISC Birds Assessment


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DISC Birds Profile

Do communication breakdowns and workplace clashes leave you ruffled? Take flight with the DISC Birds Assessment, and receive a personalized roadmap to understanding yourself and others!


  • Discovering your dominant “bird style”: Are you a confident Eagle, a social Parrot, a harmonious Dove, or a meticulous Owl? Each bird represents a unique personality type, revealing your strengths, weaknesses, and communication preferences.
  • Unlocking a treasure trove of self-knowledge: Gain insights into your motivations, decision-making process, and how you interact with the world. Learn how to leverage your natural talents and navigate challenges with newfound confidence.
  • Building stronger relationships: Decode the birds around you! Understand where each “bird” is coming from, appreciate their unique perspectives, and communicate more effectively for smoother collaboration and deeper connections.
  • Transforming your workplace into a harmonious aviary: Foster a culture of understanding and respect where eagles lead, parrots inspire, doves soothe, and owls strategize. The DISC Birds Assessment equips teams with the tools to resolve conflicts, boost productivity, and soar to new heights.

This easy-to-use online assessment takes just minutes to complete and delivers a personalized report with actionable insights.

It’s the perfect tool for:

  • Individuals: Seeking self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Teams: Building stronger communication and collaboration.
  • Leaders: Inspiring and motivating diverse personalities.
  • Educators: Understanding and guiding students’ unique learning styles.
  • Everyone: Unlocking the power of self-awareness to navigate life with confidence and grace.

Don’t just survive, thrive! Take flight with the DISC Birds Assessment and discover the power of understanding yourself and others.