Changes to the Motivators Report

Tim Schwanz

Updates made to the Motivators Report

There is an updated version of the Motivators Report, and we wanted to be the first to tell you!

On March 19th, the Assessments 24×7 team (the publishers of the Motivators Report) made 4 impactful updates to Motivators. While these updates may appear to be small, they’ll make a positive impact on the data and accessibility of the Motivators Report.

Here’s a quick look at the 4 changes. I’ll dive into details below.

  1. An updated population data set, making the data more accurate
  2. Clarified scoring language, making the data more accessible
  3. Visual updates, providing simplification of visuals and page order
  4. An additional section called Social Awareness Insights, allowing participants to compare their motivators with the population.

Take a look at all 4 of these updates by downloading a sample report below! 

1) Updated population set

The Assessments 24×7 team was able to double the size of their population data set since their last population update in 2021. This new population data set is now based on over 38,000 respondents! The expansion of the data set allows the assessment scoring to be even more accurate.

Because of the new population data set, you’ll see some changes to the respondent’s Motivators Chart on page 5. As you look at the before and after images below, you’ll see that the median score has changed, as well as the size of the grey box and colored box. Those 2 boxes represent standard deviations of the population. 68.32% (or 1 standard deviation) of the population fall within the grey boxes in each of the Motivators, and 93.07% (or 2 standard deviations) of the population fall within the colored boxes in each of the Motivators.

Graph Summary: before

Graph Summary: after

2) Clarified scoring language

You might be like me and say, “Data is great!…but only when I can understand it.” Thankfully, the explanations to what the scores mean on the Motivators Chart were simplified tremendously. As we look at the before and after images below of page 5, you’ll see what I mean.  

Scoring Description: before

Scoring Description: after

3) Visual Updates

Third, there were a handful of visual updates made to the Motivators Report. These changes offer simplicity and better flow to the report as a whole, making it easier for respondents and facilitators to interpret the results. Let’s dive into those changes: 

  • The Motivator Word Matrix: The Word Matrix is what gives a respondent the Descriptor for each of their Motivators. The Word Matrix was moved up a page so (previously page 7, now page 6). This allows a respondent to immediately connect their Motivational Descriptors with the scores they saw on their Graph Summary on the previous page. The Word Matrix was also given a simplified, modern look, making it easier to understand.

  • Individual Score Statements: The Individual Score Statements was previously page 6 of the report. Now with the Word Matrix on page 6, the Individual Score Statements were moved to page 7. This page also gives the respondent their Motivator Descriptor from the Word Matrix on the page before, immediately helping them connect the dots.

  • Individual Motivation Pages: The individual Motivation pages used to include an individual graph and general definition for that Motivation. While that information was helpful, it was accessible in other areas of the report. Now, the individual Motivation pages connect directly to the Motivation Descriptors seen on pages 6 and 7, allowing the respondent to focus on what that dimension means for them

4) New Section: Social Awareness Insights

The fourth and final update is a brand new section to the Motivators Report called Social Awareness Insights.

This new section highlights the updated population and allows the respondent to apply their newfound knowledge of how they scored across the 7 Motivators compared to the rest of the population data. This additional awareness gives respondents some keen insight that can allow them to adapt to others’ motivations more easily.

Want to the updated Motivators Report for yourself? 

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