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Assessments are used to help individuals improve their self-awareness; for teams to improve how they communicate; and for organizations to maintain or reach a healthy work culture. Review all of our assessment products to start your own development goals.

Assessment Research and Validation

Unlike other assessment products, DISC Basic is researched for validity and reliability through the third-party research firm; Assessment Standards Institute.

Many assessment providers will validate their products through an internal research process. While this process is standard practice within the industry, DISC Basic goes the extra mile to ensure our tools have an effect.

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Certification courses are designed with the practitioner in mind. Whether you are coach, consultant, or HR/L&D professional, you will walk away with a better understanding of how you can use these tools to reach your learning goals for whomever you represent.

DiSC Trainer Certification

DISC Certification

Become a certified DISC Trainer. This course is 100% online and concludes when you debrief a completed DISC assessment with a Master DISC Trainer. Upon completion, you will receive 10 Free DISC assessments, Professional Development Credits, and a certificate of completion.