Learning Styles Assessment


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The Learning Styles assessment is a self-assessment that seeks to help individuals understand how they learn.

All learners are not equal. They come from various cultural backgrounds, have many different experiences, and use different learning methods. Some like to learn from text, while others want visual support and images. Some will assimilate information individually, while others prefer to work in groups. In the end, the only thing that can be said with certainty is that every individual learns in their own way.

The Learning Styles Assessment was developed after extensive research into how we prefer to learn. It aims to help every “learner” to understand their learning style (and the teaching style of those who help others learn). The self-scoring instrument uses 40 pairs of questions to help the respondent develop a personal learning style profile using these dimensions.

  • Attending: Motivation to Learn
  • Translating: Making Information Meaningful
  • Relating: Linking Data to Existing Knowledge
  • Understanding: Using and Applying the Knowledge

Once you complete your assessment, you will receive your personalized results and detailed information on how you learn best. The report also includes worksheets and guides on how to use your assessment results so you can become a more effective learner.

Why use Learning Styles assessments?


With Learning Styles, we can become advocates of our own learning experience. By understanding our own learning preferences and the preferences of others, we can ensure we are setting up our learning experiences to support the most effective learning transfer possible.

This will allow students to know what environments, contexts, or learning aids are necessary for them as they are learning.

For teachers, coaches, or professional facilitators, this information can help enhance how you teach a class.

Why isn’t this assessment free?


The Learning Styles assessment is not a free assessment. Unlike other similar assessments, we do not sell your data for advertising or marketing purposes. The Learning Styles assessment has a starting cost of $49. With volume pricing, this assessment price can go as low as $35.50.

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