What companies use DISC Assessments

Adam Stamm

what companies use DISC assessments

Here are 10 Companies that Use DISC Assessments (and why they use it)

DISC assessments are used by many companies throughout the world.

Companies and organizations that use DISC leverage the tool to help develop their leaders and to help teams work more effectively together. DISC is an effective tool because it’s easy to understand while providing deep insights into self-awareness and the ability to communicate more effectively.

Here are a few reasons why companies use DISC:

  • To improve communication and teamwork. By understanding the different personality types of their employees, companies can better understand how to communicate with them effectively. This can help to improve teamwork and collaboration and ultimately lead to increased productivity.
  • To provide personal development opportunities. DISC assessments can help individuals to understand their own personality type and how it affects their behavior. This can be helpful in identifying areas for personal development and improvement.
  • To develop better leaders. Companies that develop empathetic and more self-aware leaders through DISC are able to establish better teams.

This is an incomplete list of reasons why companies and organizations choose to use DISC Assessments. Here are 10 companies that use DISC:

1) Carhartt

Carhartt is one company that uses DISC. Carhartt primarily uses DISC within their leadership development programs, but they use it across their organization as well.

companies that use disc - carhartt
companies that use DISC - google cloud

2) Google Cloud

Google Cloud uses DISC for Team Development. Googlers benefit from the concepts that help them connect with their colleagues all over the world.

3) U.S. Federal Agencies

While not a company, the US Federal Government has many agencies the leverage DISC including FEMA, the U.S. Library of Congress, and the Department of Defense.

Here are some of the other companies and organizations that use DISC:

4) Ally Financial

5) Microsoft

6) Tiffany

7) Blue Cross Blue Shield

8) John Hopkins University

9) Plains All American Energy

10) The Boeing Company

This is just a very short list of companies and organizations that use DISC. Over 1 million people take a DISC Assessment every year.