DISC Certification: SHRM PDCs Now Available!

Adam Stamm

Receive Development Credits for Certification

You read that correctly!

One of the most common requests that we have received has been “Does DISC Certification Count toward SHRM PDCs?” Finally, we are happy to announce that all of your hard work to become a certified DISC Trainer will now count toward your SHRM PDCs.

If you hold an SHRM Certified Professional or SHRM Senior Certified Professional Credential, you can qualify for PDCs through our education offerings for DISC, Motivators, and EIQ-2 certification courses. 

What Courses Are Counted?

DISC Certification:

  • 12 SHRM PDCs
  • 10 HRCI Credits
  • 10 ATD Credits (atpd/cptd)
  • 5.25/12.5 (CORE/RD ICF) Credits
DISC Certification Professional Credits

Motivators Certification:

  • 10 SHRM PDCs
  • 7 HRCI Credits
  • 7 ATD Credits (atpd/cptd)
  • 7.5/9.25 (CORE/RD ICF) Credits

Emotional Intelligence Certification:

  • 12 SHRM PDCs
  • 7.5 HRCI Credits
  • 7.5 ATD Credits (atpd/cptd)
  • 8.25/6.75 (CORE/RD ICF) Credits

How do I receive my professional development credits?

Upon completion of your course, you will receive an Activity ID to claim your professional development credits. Each accreditation requires a slightly nuanced process, but we are available to help you through every step of the way.

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