DISC Ai: Harness AI for Improved Communication

DISC Ai is a revolutionary SaaS tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and insights from DISC to improve communication.

This tool is a perfect resource for organizations and teams looking to use DISC outside the classroom. DISC Ai puts the insights of DISC into meeting notifications, email writing assistant, personality predictions, and easy-to-build personality playbooks to help make meetings more effective.

This tool is powered by cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms developed by CrystalKnows. DISC Ai provides unparalleled insights into individual communication styles and team dynamics. By purchasing a subscription to this tool, you also gain access to our team to help you implement this tool.

DISC Ai Tools and Features:

Here is what you can expect from purchasing a subscription to DISC Ai:

  1. Uncover behavioral patterns: DISC AI analyzes written and spoken communication to accurately identify individual DISC profiles, revealing unique behavioral patterns, strengths, and motivators. Identify a person’s profile from their email address, LinkedIn profile, and more! (Only available for DISC Ai for Prediction)

  2. Enhance team dynamics: Dive deep into team dynamics with comprehensive reports highlighting communication preferences, potential conflicts, and personality similarities.

  3. Personalize communication: Adapt your communication style to each team member, fostering stronger relationships, improved collaboration, and increased productivity through a powerful writing assistant.

  4. Resolve conflicts effectively: Identify and address potential misunderstandings early, preventing them from escalating into larger issues.

  5. Build high-performing teams: Create a culture of understanding and appreciation for individual differences, leading to more cohesive and successful teams.

Included with this tool are the below suite of powerful features:

  • AI-powered DISC assessments: Accurately identify individual DISC profiles through language analysis. (Only available for DISC Ai for Prediction)
  • Individual insights report: Gain an in-depth understanding of each team member’s communication preferences and motivators.
  • Personalized communication recommendations: Receive tailored tips for communicating effectively with each team member.
  • Build personality playbooks: Gain knowledge of how you work with a co-worker, colleague, or customer, or build a playbook for multiple people with insights on how everyone works together.
  • Pre-meeting Personality Tips: DISC Ai automatically connects with your calendar and sends tips on who you are meeting with based on their DISC Profile.

DISC Ai Pricing:

This tool is sold based on a year-long subscription. Multi-year contracts are available. Contact us for more information.

DISC Ai for Prediction:

This package is perfect for anyone who needs to understand the personality of anyone internally or outside of your organization. The package pricing includes the ability to predict profiles through LinkedIn, our internal database, or writing samples. Additional external profiles can be added to any package.

Users Profile Limit Annual Price
1 – 10 2,500 $ 6,000
11 – 25 6,000 $ 13,100
26 – 50 12,000 $ 25,000
51 – 75 18,000 $ 35,600
76 – 100 24,000 $ 45,000
101 – 199 48,000 $ 85,000
200+ Contact us for Pricing

DISC Ai for Team Building:

This package is perfect for teams who want to leverage the insights of DISC to improve internal communication.

Users Annual Price
1 – 25 $ 6,000
26 – 50 $ 13,100
51 – 75 $ 25,000
76 – 100 $ 35,600
101 – 150 $ 45,000
151 – 199 $ 85,000
200+ Contact us for Pricing

Individualized onboarding, technology platform training, and ongoing support are included in your subscription costs. We will provide a single, virtual facilitated training program to help teams or organizations learn the foundations of DISC. Additional training sessions are available. We’ve helped organizations adopt the language of DISC since 1986!

DISC Ai Platform

DISC Ai for Prediction, DISC Ai for Team Building

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$6,000, $13,100, $25,000, $35,600, $45,000, $85,000