DISC for Kids

Help Kids Learn about themselves through DISC!

DISC for Kids

The DISC for Kids assessment is designed to bring the power of DISC to children between the ages of 8 – 12 years of age. This assessment represents DISC Theory through four different birds. When a child completes their assessment, they will receive one of the following styles:

The report is designed to help kids understand their own unique style and why it makes them special. It also helps them understand why differences exist between people.

This assessment has gone through the same rigorous research and validation studies so you can be sure that your child or the children you plan to use this tool with are receiving accurate results.

What does the Kids DISC Profile Cost?

The DISC for Kids profile costs $39 per assessment/report. Included in the report is the following learning content:

  • Your DISC Style
  • Information about your unique DISC Style
  • Information for Parents
  • Information for Teachers

DISC For Kids: Report Content

Your Bird (DISC) Style

To help children understand the model of DISC, the assessment features four birds to represent each DISC Style. A child’s DISC style is called their “bird style“.

The report makes it clear that there are no good or bad styles. Each Bird Style has its own unique strengths and challenges. Here is an overview of each Bird Style

The EAGLE: DISC Bird Style

Eagles are powerful birds who fly high in the sky above the forests, lakes, and rivers. They are at the top of the food chain!

If they see something they want, they will dive down and get it.

Kids with the Eagle style are confident, determined, and competitive. 

The Parrot: DISC Bird Style

Imagine a Parrot in the trees of a jungle with all of their bird friends.

Can you hear the noisy parrot cawing out loud? Do you see the bright colorful feathers that attract everyone’s attention?

Kids with the Parrot style are enthusiastic, smiley, and social.

DISC for Kids - Parrot Bird Style

The DOVE: DISC Bird Style

The Dove is a bird that would never hurt anyone. They support other birds and keep them out of trouble.

Doves will do nice things for others and think about others’ feelings.

Kids with the Dove style are thoughtful, helpful, and caring.

The OWL: DISC Bird Style

Owls notice everything. They notice every color, animal, and gust of wind in the forest. Owls are naturally curious and they have lots of questions.

They want to know everything!

Kids with the Owl style are precise, analytical, and careful. 

DISC For Kids - Owl Bird Style

Information for Parents

One of the highlights of this report isn’t for the kids who complete the assessment. The report provides tips that parents can use to understand their children’s behavioral preferences. 

The report provides useful information that will help parents understand their children:

  1. Parenting Tips
  2. Relationship habits
  3. Safety

These insights are based on the child’s unique behavioral style and customized to their assessment results.

Information for Teachers

The DISC for Kids report is also useful for teachers who want to both help their students learn personal development skills while also having the ability to learn personalized insights about their students.

This part of the report covers:

  • Teaching tips for the student
  • How the student interacts with others
  • Providing feedback to the student

Also included with the report is an action plan that a teacher can use with the student.

DISC for Kids FAQ

The DISC for Kids assessment is validated for children ages 8 - 12. For any child who is 12 to 18, we recommend they use the DISC Basic profile or the DISC Basic Summary Profile.


You can read more about DISC Research here.

DISC for kids is sold for $39. There is no quantity pricing for this tool.