DISC 360

Improve Self-Awareness through a 360 Assessment

DISC 360 Assessment

DISC 360 offers learners a unique way to improve their self-awareness.

The tool starts with a learner completing a DISC assessment. Then, they will ask others to assess their DISC Style for them. This 360 process helps learners narrow the gap between how they see themselves and how others see them. 

Using the Johari Window model, this tool will help anyone uncover their own blind spots in how others perceive them.

In this report, learners will discover:

  • Their personal DISC Style
  • How others view their behavioral style
  • How to adapt to communicate more effectively and deepen their relationships.

What does DISC 360 cost?

DISC 360 is sold based on the quantity purchased. The assessment’s retail price starts at $120 per report.

Understanding DISC with the DISC 360 Assessment

The DISC 360 offers a validated assessment process for anyone to learn their own DISC style. When completing the assessment, learners are taking the DISC assessment, they are answering questions based on two different scales:

  • Directness and openness: How open you are to new ideas or how you respond to others.
  • Pace and Priority: How fast you like to work through projects and if you focus on the task or the people.

These two different scales encompass the theory of DISC and they will help anyone discover their own unique DISC Personality Type.

What is DISC - horizontal DISC Styles
What is DISC - vertical DISC Style

Once a person has completed their assessment, they will receive an overview of how DISC works. The model is explained in a way that anyone is able to understand how it works. 

The report reviews each behavioral style, the pace and priority of each style, and how to communicate with each style.

How DISC 360 incorporates the 360 Feedback Process

DISC is recognized to help anyone become more self-aware of their behavioral styles and personality. These insights can help a person understand why they enjoy working with certain people and dread working with others.

However, at times, our own perception of ourselves might not paint the full picture. With a 360 assessment, we can ask others to help us understand how they see us.

The DISC 360 assessment takes both a person’s personal assessment data and their rater’s assessment and combines it into a unique personal developmental tool that uses the language and theory of DISC.

DISC Basic 360 shows how a learner rated themselves on the DISC Assessment and how others rate them on the same assessment.

DISC 360 Assessment Graph

Next, the report details how aligned a learner is with their raters in 12 behavioral tendencies:

  • Reasoning
  • Prioritizing
  • Decision Making
  • Accuracy
  • Self-Reliance
  • Change Resistance
  • Personal Drive
  • Building Rapport
  • Work Process Alignment
  • Customer / Team Interaction
  • Providing Instruction
  • Expressing Openness
DISC 360 Feedback

With this knowledge, a learner can get a deeper appreciation for how others view their behaviors and what they might have missed when assessing their own preferences.

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DISC 360 includes the researched and validated assessment process. Once a learner completes their assessment, and they have had at least 2 raters complete the Observer Assessment, the learner will receive a 40-page report that includes:

  • An overview of DISC
  • Their DISC Style
  • How to use DISC to improve relationships

By purchasing this tool, you are purchasing a unique Serial Key which allows a learner one opportunity to complete their DISC Assessment. The learner can have an unlimited amount of raters go through the assessment process.