What is the DISC Personality test?

DISC Personality Assessments help individuals learn more about themselves and how to build more effective relationships with those around them. This tool is simple, but not simplistic. It is researched and validated for training and personal development. Learn why so many organizations and teams are using it.

Why Choose DISC?

There a many reasons to choose DISC Personality Assessments over other assessment-based training tools like MBTI or Gallup's Strength Finder. Here are a few of them:

Researched and Validated

DISC theory was developed in 1928, and the first assessment was created in the 1950s. This makes DISC one of the longest-researched behavioral assessments ever.

Easy to Use

DISC is designed to be approachable for learners and facilitators. Training programs facilitate one-to-one and small group discussions. The workshop is fast-paced and full of engaging activities.


Compared to other assessment-based programs, DISC is easy to understand and apply right away. This usability makes DISC more valuable compared to more complex programs such as MBTI and Strength Finders.

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Apply DISC Personality Assessments to specific learning goals

DISC Personality Assessments differ from other assessment-based training programs because it is designed to be used within specific contexts. Choose the application that suits your area of focus to get started.

Improve Leadership

Improve Team Culture

Improve Emotional Intelligence

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