Use DISC Ai to predict someone's personality, craft personalized emails, and connect more easily through the power of DISC!

What is DISC Ai?

DISC Ai combines the stability of the traditional self-assessment with the predictive power of an advanced algorithm to help anyone apply the insights of DISC in more ways than any other DISC tool.

It’s designed to integrate the language and insights of DISC into all of your communication.

Since 1986, we’ve found that organizations that adopt the common language of DISC have stronger interpersonal relationships, overcome differences more easily, and have more empathetic leaders. DISC Ai offers an easier way to adopt this language and receive these benefits. 

DISC Ai Tools & Features

This tool offers a comprehensive suite of integrations all employees will find useful. If you want to improve sales, hiring decisions, or team interactions, the DISC Ai integrations will help you use DISC insights wherever you are working. 

Writing Assistant

The writing assistant helps you craft messages based on the insights of DISC. 

Personality Prediction

Connect DISC Ai with Linkedin so you can learn anyone’s DISC Style—even a celebrity’s DISC Style.

Personality Playbooks

Build a cheat sheet for engaging with anyone with a predicted style or completed profile in your system.

Hiring Tool

Discover personality insights about your candidates and leverage them during the interview.

All of the tools and features are designed to be interactive and can be incorporated into communication tools you likely use already. Today, you can integrate these functions into:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Linkedin
  • And more!

For organizations that have a dedicated technical support team, this tool offers the ability for API access so you can create custom connections with any proprietary tools you may use.

DISC Ai uses the Crystal Knows platform, which has helped improve sales, teamwork, and hiring since 2015. Online DISC Profile formed a partnership with Crystal in 2023. Our clients can now benefit from our organization’s 35+ years of using DISC and Crystal’s technological innovations.

DISC Ai Pricing

DISC Ai is sold as a yearly subscription. 

The price for your subscription is determined based on the number of users accessing the tool and the function in which they will use it. For organizations looking to utilize DISC Ai with 200+ users, contact us directly for pricing.

How Does DISC Ai Predict Personality?

Many DISC tools are available for purchase today. Compared to the other available tools, one of the greatest benefits of DISC Ai is the ability to predict a person’s DISC Profile. But how does it work, and how accurate is it?

DISC Ai uses two techniques to determine a person’s personality without needing them to complete a DISC Assessment:

  • Text Sample Analysis
  •  Attribute Analysis
Research showed that these two techniques measured 80% accuracy when the predictions were validated and corrected by the person to whom the prediction was made. 

Start Using DISC Ai

We have helped teams and organizations integrate the language of DISC into their culture and workplace language since 1986. Included in the price of these tools is support from our team along with consultation as needs arise.

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For organizations or teams that are interested in using DISC Ai, we suggest running a 1-year pilot program. The pilot costs $6,000 and includes a on-going support.

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