What Is The ROI For DISC Profile Tests?

Adam Stamm

Return On Investment Using DISC Personality Assessments?

There is no valid research on ROI for assessments using the DISC personality test. Measuring return on investment depends on to many variables. Since DISC is used in so many different ways and for some many different purposes it would be near impossible to isolate a ROI to the DISC profile alone. You would need to consider factors such as the context which the profile was being administered? What is the desired outcome and what are you measuring for?

If DISC is used as a stand-alone assessment with no training, coaching or follow-up around it then the value would be far less than if it is incorporated as part of a training, mentoring or coaching program. If it becomes a part of the corporate culture or employee and team development and the results of your DISC report can be leveraged. If it is a part of the OD, HR or T&D language then the ROI can be very high, as the profile can be taken once, but the understanding of the results on interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and team building or understanding individual behavioral preferences, motivators and e-motivators can be applied in many difference applications and in day to day communications and relationships. Therefore it becomes invaluable.